All ages and abilities

Various Times, subject to availability

Prices start at £35 an hour

“As friends with a similar interest in house music, we wanted to learn to DJ together back-to-back. Our aim being to learn the basic techniques of DJing + put a mix together. Through the few sessions we have had with Richie so far, we feel we've made progress — now understanding the basics better and having a clear foundation on which to build upon. We're now in the process of putting the mix together and look forward to continuing our work on this. As one of us is also blind, we were looking for a DJing instructor who would be able to take account of this, understanding the accessibility issues surrounding it and coming up with solutions. Richie has been extremely helpful in this regard — recommending the most appropriate equipment for us to practice with.”

Charlie and David

“You're never to old to learn something new! But forget youtube tutorials, I had a good few hours at Grooveschool learning the basics and after just one session I was able to go away and put together my first mix! Thanks I'll be back soon”

Amy Lee