Our Values

We are a not for profit organisation that run projects focussed towards nurturing young people's engagement, creativity and invention. Once all cost's are covered the remainder is reinvested into the musicians of the future.  Our overall aim is to make accessible something that may be of interest from which enjoyment and creativity can flow. Working towards something tangible, that ensues enthusiasm, inspiration, inclusion, worth and purpose . We believe in the capacity of every child to be creative and to grow through their involvement with music.

We aim to create the safe and inspiring space for children to explore, appreciate, play and make music. We value all talents and children equally, without judging, grading or creating any pressure to compete or to perform.

We will be supportive and proud to see Grooveschool students pursue careers and other opportunities but we will not participate in active promotions or commercial management of our students. All of our practitioners are DBS checked professional artists.