At Grooveschool we not only equip individual pupils with the skills to DJ but promote how to incorporate this into an electronic instrument ensemble.

Pupils learn how to use Vinyl Turntables, CDJ's and DJ Controllers, Samplers, Synthesisers and Drum Machines

Composing and rehearsing a set for live performance.  

We can provide Arts Awards and AQA units for accreditation.

We cover age groups from 8yrs upwards and include SEN provision. 

In regards to family and wellbeing we also run quality parent/child after-school bonding programmes.


“Grooveschool is a valued member of the community in Lambeth and an inspiration to all of us.Grooveschool and Lambeth Music Service have collaborated many times with Grooveschool designing and executing well planned and exciting training sessions.”

Alistair Walker, Lead Tutor (Tuition),
Lambeth Music Service

“We invited Grooveschool to run a series of parent/child bonding workshops as part of our extended Schools and Family Learning. These went down really well with the children and their fathers. They learnt how to DJ and performed in front of their after school club to great success and much breakdancing.”

Jenny Martin (Head Teacher) Telferscot

“We collaborated with Grooveschool and a turntablist composer to run a full-day workshop for 30 ten-year-old musicians. Our students were able to leave their violins at school and use and develop their musical skills in a totally new and exciting way. The set-up was brilliant and all of the children got to each have more than enough time using the equipment, manipulating music and sound in a really engaging and accessible way. They still talk about how fun it was now!”

Dafydd Evans, London Music Masters