As a hub of DJ activity, learning and performing we have on our roster a wide variety of DJ's: all ages, styles and performers. Our DJ's play at a host of events from festivals to private functions. 

Grooveschool has a portable PA/soundsystem large enough to cover most private events, be it birthdays, weddings, office parties, special anniversaries, etc. 

You may also want to add a workshop, a feature we provide at festivals for example.

If you'd be interested in hiring either our DJ's/PA or Tutors as a package please get in touch via

As a not-for-profit, once costs are covered the remainder goes directly back in to enabling us to continue providing the workshops and experiences we deliver.  

Not only are you getting a premium service for your event but it goes a long way to helping Grooveschool teach and train the next generation of DJ's and producers.

“Grooveschool offer a unique opportunity for young people to express their creative side and explore their musical potential, all whilst developing key skills.
We are pleased to be supporting such a great Lambeth not for profit organisation and looking forward to having Richie and his team back at Lambeth Country Show 2018.”

Emma Fenner, Events Coordinator, Lambeth Country Show