Public Enemy Gig 23/6/2016

A week ago, we were invited to see Public Enemy at the Indigo O2 and we were lucky enough to be able to go behind the scenes to watch how they set up the show. When we arrived we were met by a nice lady called Lisa, who gave us our passes for the day and showed us the VIP lounge. We then filled out health and safety forms and were escorted downstairs to the main stage. 

We were given a tour by the event manager Janine and we were taken to see the dressing rooms and backstage as well as the actual stage that Public Enemy would be performing on. We also had the opportunity to see behind the the sound desk and observe and work with the engineers. We then watched as the Public Enemy crew sound checked all the instruments and mics and were given free t-shirts which was nice of them. I even personally helped with writing and administering AAA (Access All Areas) passes. After soundcheck we had something to eat (while watching the football on the big screen) and continued with soundcheck. They were then ready for the show.!!!!!

he show was amazing! my favourite was DJ Lord whose solo was amazing. Afterwards as people filed out, we were lucky enough to be able to grab a couple of photos with the stars of the show Chuck D and DJ Lord; I was even able to give them some of our merch for the road!

All in all it was a mesmerising experience, one I will never forget.

- Sophia