Lambeth Music Festival 19/4/2016

Brixton has become a very diverse place over the years, welcoming different cultures of food, shops dance and music. On Saturday 19th March 2016, Grooveschool was introduced to Pop Brixton for the Lambeth music festival. Pop Brixton is an event space for community projects and independent retailers, it is created out of three stories of shipping containers, with a canopy roof structure. The shipping containers are rented out to the community to host everything from food stalls, art shops and even a barber shop/hairdressers. Pop Brixton also contains a large event space we used during the Lambeth music festival, it hosted live music acts, dancers, and Grooveschool DJs (Felix, Malachi, Sophia, Rio, Lewis)

Lewis - Before my set at Lambeth music festival I was nervous due to playing a different type of music I was used too. This was my venture into the trap genre. However after my initial nerves I plated, what I believed was a good set and it was well received.

Rio - Before my set at Lambeth music festival I had a very positive outlook towards performing at the Brixton pop, this was for two main reasons. Firstly Pop Brixton was a great venue thriving with life, secondly this was my first true live performance in a location and with an excellent sound system. During my performance I received compliments and praise for the style of music I was playing which was a mixture of old school and new school RnB slow jams. These compliments have boosted my confidence for all future performances.

Felix - I brought POPcorn.