City Hall 12/5/2016

Just a quick update about this Saturday gone.......

Who are ya? Who am I?
A few of us went along to City Hall where an event called Who Are Ya was being held.  
The empowerment of the youth in London was the theme.  There was a lot to see and do; and many people to speak to. There were also several workshops; at the first stall, we were interviewed and asked what we loved about London, also the one thing we would improve. We carried on looking around, collecting leaflets and talking to others about their programs. We were then invited to the Chamber Room where we were going to participate in a workshop about creative outlets in London. Before this, I was interviewed on East London Radio, I was asked about clubs for young people in London, I was able to speak about Grooveschool.  I then went back and participated in the main workshop in which we were asked questions about Creativity in London and had to stand on one side of the room, depending on whether we agreed or disagreed with the statement and explain why. 

Afterwards, we were brought upstairs where we were served food and listened to live music. It ranged from singing, spoken word and rapping. The whole day was fun and informative and I really enjoyed it.

I cannot wait for next year!