Our arrival in Grooveschool

Hello, we’re Federica and Andrea, two Italian students. We study in a musical high school Piero Gobetti and we play piano and clarinet. We’re in London for three weeks to have a working experience to improve our english.

We work in Grooveschool and in the first week we had some different experiences: at the beginning we learnt what Grooveschool is and what kind of activities Grooveschool does. Furthermore we started to learn and to use the main programmes to DJ.

We’re going to advertise and to give flyers out, about the school, locally.

We took part in a workshop where we learnt to set-up the equipment and how to mix tracks with DJ console and vinyl. Also we learnt to use the synthesiser’s.

Grooveschool is active on socials, so we scheduled posts on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

At the end we tried to do some loops with a software called “Ableton”.

It’s very interesting!