Bob Dylan - "Mondo Scripto"

On 29th of November we went to the Halcyon Gallery where there was an exhibition about Bob Dylan called “Mondo Scripto”. This presents a selection of Bob Dylan’s most iconic songs, handwritten in pen on paper with a corresponding drawing in graphite. Some of these paintings are accompanied with an iron border and sculptures made by him.

This exhibition was very interesting because it’s the opportunity to realise that Bob Dylan is not only a singer but an amazing true artist in everyway!

One of the most interesting aspects is the simplicity of his art: lyric’s written and illustrations done with a simple pencil and “disarray” lines, he is able to communicate via expression and show his interiority.

Also the sculptures are amazing! He made them with iron tools wrenches, pincer’s, gears and chains. His favourite subjects are the gates: he said that he was born and grown in an “iron land” and he always worked with iron. He said: “Gates appeal to me because of the negative space they allow “

Bob Dylan is a very charming artist.