Fabriclondon - Half Term Visit

Fabric  London

In February we had the opportunity to visit Fabric for the afternoon to perform our sets and to test out some of the new tunes on the sound system. This visit was accompanied by meeting the resident DJ  Terry Francis, before we entered the venue he gave us insightful information on Fabric. Then after we had entered Fabric and were setting up in room one of the main club, Terry Francis took me on a tour of the entire club. As we were looking around we saw a famous picture by Banksy who had previously sneaked inside the club to draw the picture on the wall. As I continued forward I could begin to hear the sound system as Josh from Grooveschool began to play. I was amazed by the sound system, it even sounded great as I travelled through the building. Upstairs in the VIP room the music from the main dance floor was really powerful. I also got to see room number 2 with its new sound system, stage and a DJ booth equipped with a CDJ 2000 Nexus and a new mixer that I have only seen once before. Arriving back in the main room I finally got to hear the world famous sound system which filled the room and included speakers under the floor for unique sounding and feeling bass. Later on I was able to perform my own set using the tunes I had brought on my USB. Just going to fabric was an amazing opportunity for me and on top of that my first time being able to freely play inside their world class DJ booth on their booming sound system was one of the best experiences.

Thanks to Terry Francis for showing me round the club and thanks to fabric for a great day