Fabriclondon - Half Term Visit

Fabric  London

In February we had the opportunity to visit Fabric for the afternoon to perform our sets and to test out some of the new tunes on the sound system. This visit was accompanied by meeting the resident DJ  Terry Francis, before we entered the venue he gave us insightful information on Fabric. Then after we had entered Fabric and were setting up in room one of the main club, Terry Francis took me on a tour of the entire club. As we were looking around we saw a famous picture by Banksy who had previously sneaked inside the club to draw the picture on the wall. As I continued forward I could begin to hear the sound system as Josh from Grooveschool began to play. I was amazed by the sound system, it even sounded great as I travelled through the building. Upstairs in the VIP room the music from the main dance floor was really powerful. I also got to see room number 2 with its new sound system, stage and a DJ booth equipped with a CDJ 2000 Nexus and a new mixer that I have only seen once before. Arriving back in the main room I finally got to hear the world famous sound system which filled the room and included speakers under the floor for unique sounding and feeling bass. Later on I was able to perform my own set using the tunes I had brought on my USB. Just going to fabric was an amazing opportunity for me and on top of that my first time being able to freely play inside their world class DJ booth on their booming sound system was one of the best experiences.

Thanks to Terry Francis for showing me round the club and thanks to fabric for a great day


Lambeth Live X 13/12/2016

On Saturday afternoon I had the coolest time at Lambeth Live X with everyone.....all of the acts were amazing from the indie songs of La Veneer to the smooth jazz and soul from the Youthsayers. I was so honoured to be able to be a part of it, and even performed a song myself with the help of a good friend. 

There was a quick sound check for all the acts, while I set up the decks in the sound booth. Then the show started with me opening, which I have to admit, made me nervous but the performance went really well with the help of my two friends Shamanie and Curtis. Once the show was then in full swing, the LMS Bands performed a few songs that included an orginal written by one of their youngest performers, which was amazing. 

Then the older bands performed, Prevailing Prototype and then La Veneer, both were great, La Veneer played some indie rock and KPOP, as well as some original material from Prevailing Prototype, followed by Shamine and Curtis who also performed some of their own astounding originals. Finally, a group called the Youthsayers, made up of young teens who play instruments including the saxophone, bass, percussion and keys. They performed some great soulful tunes, ending the night on a high. 

On the whole, DJing for these guys was so amazing! Thanks to Ollie, the organiser for giving me the opportunity. Be ready for March guys because if it's anything like this time, its gonna be AWESOME!



Public Enemy Gig 23/6/2016

A week ago, we were invited to see Public Enemy at the Indigo O2 and we were lucky enough to be able to go behind the scenes to watch how they set up the show. When we arrived we were met by a nice lady called Lisa, who gave us our passes for the day and showed us the VIP lounge. We then filled out health and safety forms and were escorted downstairs to the main stage. 

We were given a tour by the event manager Janine and we were taken to see the dressing rooms and backstage as well as the actual stage that Public Enemy would be performing on. We also had the opportunity to see behind the the sound desk and observe and work with the engineers. We then watched as the Public Enemy crew sound checked all the instruments and mics and were given free t-shirts which was nice of them. I even personally helped with writing and administering AAA (Access All Areas) passes. After soundcheck we had something to eat (while watching the football on the big screen) and continued with soundcheck. They were then ready for the show.!!!!!

he show was amazing! my favourite was DJ Lord whose solo was amazing. Afterwards as people filed out, we were lucky enough to be able to grab a couple of photos with the stars of the show Chuck D and DJ Lord; I was even able to give them some of our merch for the road!

All in all it was a mesmerising experience, one I will never forget.

- Sophia



City Hall 12/5/2016

Just a quick update about this Saturday gone.......

Who are ya? Who am I?
A few of us went along to City Hall where an event called Who Are Ya was being held.  
The empowerment of the youth in London was the theme.  There was a lot to see and do; and many people to speak to. There were also several workshops; at the first stall, we were interviewed and asked what we loved about London, also the one thing we would improve. We carried on looking around, collecting leaflets and talking to others about their programs. We were then invited to the Chamber Room where we were going to participate in a workshop about creative outlets in London. Before this, I was interviewed on East London Radio, I was asked about clubs for young people in London, I was able to speak about Grooveschool.  I then went back and participated in the main workshop in which we were asked questions about Creativity in London and had to stand on one side of the room, depending on whether we agreed or disagreed with the statement and explain why. 

Afterwards, we were brought upstairs where we were served food and listened to live music. It ranged from singing, spoken word and rapping. The whole day was fun and informative and I really enjoyed it.

I cannot wait for next year! 

Lambeth Music Festival 19/4/2016

Brixton has become a very diverse place over the years, welcoming different cultures of food, shops dance and music. On Saturday 19th March 2016, Grooveschool was introduced to Pop Brixton for the Lambeth music festival. Pop Brixton is an event space for community projects and independent retailers, it is created out of three stories of shipping containers, with a canopy roof structure. The shipping containers are rented out to the community to host everything from food stalls, art shops and even a barber shop/hairdressers. Pop Brixton also contains a large event space we used during the Lambeth music festival, it hosted live music acts, dancers, and Grooveschool DJs (Felix, Malachi, Sophia, Rio, Lewis)

Lewis - Before my set at Lambeth music festival I was nervous due to playing a different type of music I was used too. This was my venture into the trap genre. However after my initial nerves I plated, what I believed was a good set and it was well received.

Rio - Before my set at Lambeth music festival I had a very positive outlook towards performing at the Brixton pop, this was for two main reasons. Firstly Pop Brixton was a great venue thriving with life, secondly this was my first true live performance in a location and with an excellent sound system. During my performance I received compliments and praise for the style of music I was playing which was a mixture of old school and new school RnB slow jams. These compliments have boosted my confidence for all future performances.

Felix - I brought POPcorn.