Grooveschool is a charity that run projects focussed towards nurturing young people's engagement, creativity and invention.

“We collaborated with Grooveschool and a turntablist composer to run a full-day workshop for 30 ten-year-old musicians. Our students were able to leave their violins at school and use and develop their musical skills in a totally new and exciting way. The set-up was brilliant and all of the children got to each have more than enough time using the equipment, manipulating music and sound in a really engaging and accessible way. They still talk about how fun it was now!”

Dafydd, London Music Masters


Our overall aim is to make accessible something that may be of interest from which enjoyment and creativity can flow.

“The workshops and sessions that are offered by Richard and the team at Grooveschool are vital. They offer opportunities to talented people, with limited economics to explore their potential. And in some cases realise dreams
and develop careers.”

Deborah Williams, Executive Director, Creative Diversity Network


As well as developing skills within and outside of the national curriculum we offer much much more and provide many live performance opportunities.

“I really love what the guys at Grooveschool are doing and very proud to be involved in it. The transformation and focus of the kids happens in seconds and it's great to see the joy on their faces when they grasp the concept. The dedication of Richie and the crew is amazing and it's great to see lots of A1 level DJs getting involved. Should be part of every school curriculum.”

Colin Dale, Abstrakt Dance Records